A letter to my daughter

My darling girl, It's been over a year since your little heart gave up. That last beat. The last wave of life fighting for you, willing you to keep going. I had no idea you had passed away inside me. The one place you should have been safe from harm. I spoke to you, imagining... Continue Reading →

Where am I?

Imagine you're walking through a busy city you've not been to before but it feels oddly familiar. You're ambling along enjoying the scenery and happily discovering new and exciting things around you. Things you think you've seen before but haven't. You stop now and again to take a photo of something that's caught your eye... Continue Reading →

At least….

This is a post specifically for those who have not suffered the loss of a child. My post focuses on miscarriage but this is a guide which may give you an idea on how to react at any stage of child loss. It is a guide which should help you talk to your loved ones who have been through, or are going through this nightmare.

Is it OK not to be OK?

I've just read one of those inspirational quote memes you see on social network news feeds. I was never a fan. I always used to laugh at them or roll my eyes whenever one popped up. There were so many of them that any meaning they might have had was lost on me.  These days I... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day

This year Tommy's, the pregnancy and baby loss charity,  is running a special campaign for those who do not have their little ones with them on such a significant day #WeAreAllMums Their campaign inspired me to write down a few words. Mother's Day was always a happy day. My boys would usually need a gentle reminder,... Continue Reading →

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