The PCOS curse vs Me

I can't remember the exact moment I was officially diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Mainly because it was blatantly obvious I had it long before any professional confirmed it. I think I had pretty much accepted I had it for years. I was displaying all the horrible symptoms and I felt like a proper freak,... Continue Reading →

January 2016

January 2016 was a month that brought us a big surprise. We discovered we were expecting a baby. I remember it like it were yesterday. It was the day David Bowie's death shocked the nation. Those two little lines, very very faint. I slowly walked into the bedroom, terrified of how Stuart would react. I woke... Continue Reading →

The Summer of 2015

You know when your life is finally heading in the right direction? That feeling of euphoria. Love. Excitement. Seven months before, Stuart and I met at my favourite Shoreditch pub. It was a very brief meeting, as I was meeting my mum and sister for my birthday lunch. In that one meeting, I felt a... Continue Reading →

Oh, hi!

Hi, hello, you found me. See them up there? That's me and my family that is. As you can see, we are generally a happy lot. Those boys? Those are Charlie and Jack. My absolute rocks, my little beauts, my funny little jesters, and my teachers. That handsome man in the middle? That, dear readers,... Continue Reading →

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