Giving up is an option

In my entire life so far, I have never needed any kind of official therapy. Never been through anything traumatic enough. Actually, I am lying, I had a small bout of CBT after a break-up. Back then, in 2011 (or was it 2012?) I thought my whole world had fallen apart, mainly because said charming... Continue Reading →

I Cry

This poem was written by one of the three most wonderful people in my life. The person who has stuck by me, day in and day out, through the most challenging and painful experience I could ever imagine. Stuart Hollands. Someone who, despite the tremendous strain this experience has put on us as a couple,... Continue Reading →

One big leap forward….

I haven't written for a while now. At least, not in the consistency I was previously. The reason being, I had finally seemed to turn a massive corner. I didn't need to write. I felt good. In fact, I had fully intended to write a positive piece about how much better things were. I still... Continue Reading →

A letter to my daughter

My darling girl, It's been over a year since your little heart gave up. That last beat. The last wave of life fighting for you, willing you to keep going. I had no idea you had passed away inside me. The one place you should have been safe from harm. I spoke to you, imagining... Continue Reading →

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