Navigating life after loss was never going to be easy. Navigating life after loss after loss after loss wasn't going to be easy either. We are now a good 3.5 years into this world, tainted by the extraction of innocence. Looking out through an impenetrable glass window at the world I used to belong to.... Continue Reading →

Three years today

It was such a strange time. One minute I was happily me, then next I was gone. I could describe it as an out of body experience. I know I didn't feel like it was happening to me at all. That day changed me forever. Not only was I mourning the death of our baby... Continue Reading →

An apology…

It has been brought to my attention that I have been a very shit friend, and girlfriend,  the past 2.5 years. I don't want to fill this post with excuses. I know I have been so consumed in my grief that I have been completely unable to see out. I guess we are not given... Continue Reading →

Here we go again…

A fresh influx of pregnancies. Like buses. They come in droves. Only you don't wait so long between droves. It is pretty much a constant stream. I guess it is the dangers of social media. And being 38. A time when your social circles have babies deliberatly, not the surprises that come when you're in... Continue Reading →

Hey, how are you!?

Hey!  I'm fine thanks (lies), how are you? Seriously, what is it with that question that makes us reply with our ridiculous default? I always say I'm fine, when in actual fact I am not at all fine. Still hurting and still raw after two years. Still no baby for me to cuddle and kiss... Continue Reading →

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