The Summer of 2015

You know when your life is finally heading in the right direction?

That feeling of euphoria.



Seven months before, Stuart and I met at my favourite Shoreditch pub. It was a very brief meeting, as I was meeting my mum and sister for my birthday lunch. In that one meeting, I felt a warm glow. I didn’t know what it was, but it felt good. From that moment on Stuart and I spent as much time as we could together. We went to gigs, we went to comedy nights, we went to a festival, we even went on holiday to Cyprus. We fell in love very quickly. Not surprising really. We loved the same music, had the same sense of humour, we were silly, we even began to know what the other was thinking. We ‘got’ eachother. We were inseparable. And the icing on the cake was the wonderful relationship forming between Stuart and my two boys, Charlie and Jack.

Nothing could get in our way. I was invincible.

My time had finally arrived. Our time.

The beginning of something perfect.






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