Oh, hi!

Hi, hello, you found me. See them up there? That's me and my family that is. As you can see, we are generally a happy lot. Those boys? Those are Charlie and Jack. My absolute rocks, my little beauts, my funny little jesters, and my teachers. That handsome man in the middle? That, dear readers,... Continue Reading →

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Navigating life after loss was never going to be easy. Navigating life after loss after loss after loss wasn't going to be easy either. We are now a good 3.5 years into this world, tainted by the extraction of innocence. Looking out through an impenetrable glass window at the world I used to belong to.... Continue Reading →

Three years today

It was such a strange time. One minute I was happily me, then next I was gone. I could describe it as an out of body experience. I know I didn't feel like it was happening to me at all. That day changed me forever. Not only was I mourning the death of our baby... Continue Reading →

An apology…

It has been brought to my attention that I have been a very shit friend, and girlfriend,  the past 2.5 years. I don't want to fill this post with excuses. I know I have been so consumed in my grief that I have been completely unable to see out. I guess we are not given... Continue Reading →

Here we go again…

A fresh influx of pregnancies. Like buses. They come in droves. Only you don't wait so long between droves. It is pretty much a constant stream. I guess it is the dangers of social media. And being 38. A time when your social circles have babies deliberatly, not the surprises that come when you're in... Continue Reading →

Hey, how are you!?

Hey!  I'm fine thanks (lies), how are you? Seriously, what is it with that question that makes us reply with our ridiculous default? I always say I'm fine, when in actual fact I am not at all fine. Still hurting and still raw after two years. Still no baby for me to cuddle and kiss... Continue Reading →

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